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HTTP Status Code

Common HTTP status codes are shown in the table below.

Status CodeError TypeGeneral SolutionsTypical Error Code Examples
200 - OK///
202 - OKServer has received request, but not yet processedPlease repeat the request with the original parameters/
400 - Bad RequestIllegal protocol or parameterCheck your program based on the detailed information returned by the APIPARAM_ERROR
401 - UnauthorizedSignature verification failedCheck if signature parameters and methods comply with signature algorithm requirementsSIGN_ERROR
403 - ForbiddenPermission exception//
404 - Not FoundRequested resource does not exist//
429 - Too Many RequestsRequest exceeds frequency limitRequest not accepted, please reduce frequency and try againRATELIMIT_EXCEEDED
500 - Server ErrorServer errorRetry based on specific API error guidanceSYSTEM_ERROR
502 - Bad GatewayService offline, temporarily unavailableRequest cannot be processed, please try again laterSERVICE_UNAVAILABLE
503 - Service UnavailableService unavailable, overload protectionRequest cannot be processed, please try again laterSERVICE_UNAVAILABLE